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Financail Aid/ Tuition


For 2020/2021 Scholarships

The 2020/2021 school year application process for CEA and Brophy Scholarships will be available 02/01/2020.  Every family who has a student (Kinder-8th) that will attend must complete the application for CEA/FAIR and Brophy/FACTS as well as at least 3 other STOs, depending on income.

CEA /FAIR- please apply online at

When you create an account or sign in you will be asked for the school code and password.  Enter 700 for the code and the password is cea700.  If you already have an application on file, click edit to update your application.  During the application process you will be asked again for your school, at this point there will be a drop down menu where you will need to find our school listed as Immaculate Conception Catholic School.    The deadline to complete this year will be 04/15/2020 to be eligible for the first round. This is highly recommended so that you have a good idea of your tuition status early in the year.  

FAIR is the company that processes applications for CEA, the cost to complete the application will be $27.00, you can pay with a credit card at the end of the application process or mail out a check.  The application will be processed upon receiving payment.  Every family needs to complete the FAIR/CEA application (with the exception of families who are currently funded by AAA).  Only one application per family is needed, please make sure to include all of your children on the application.

 BROPHY/FACTS-  please apply online at

Brophy is available for families based on income need.                                                                                

FACTS is the company that processes the applications for BROPHY, the application fee is $17.50 from February 1st to April 15.  After April 15, the fee will increase to $35.  Family income will be considered.

Please remember that your 2019 taxes should be filed before starting the applications; please avoid delaying this in order for everything to go smoothly.  If you get a tax extension you can complete the application and in the interim submit the extension approval and previous year’s taxes, Once your current taxes are complete you need to submit them.  If you do not file taxes you are still able to apply.  If this is your case, please call me, and we will discuss how to proceed. 

Attached you will find information and links to other scholarship opportunities and information on what documents are needed in order to successfully complete the applications.  Please understand that it is important to complete the scholarships as soon as possible as they are on a first come, first served basis.  The longer you wait the less funding that may be available.  To set up an appointment or if you have any questions please contact the school office at 928-649-0624 and leave a message for Kenya D. Hernandez, you can also e-mail at 

Information in Spanish click here