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Spanish Club

If you are interested in the Spanish language and Spanish-speaking cultures then The Spanish Club is a great environment outside the classroom where those who have a passion for Spanish-speaking culture can get together, participate in activities and meet up with other ICCS students. The club also honors in helping others by participating in some community service projects. This club is student-led, providing students with the chance to develop their leadership skills and make a difference in their school and community.

By joining the Spanish Club, you can celebrate Hispanic holidays, learn about different customs, and experience the food, music and art of Spanish-speaking countries.

Some of the Spanish Club's favorite activities include:

  • Day of the Dead Celebration: Learn about how Mexicans recognize and celebrate death. Give presentations and display an altar in memory of the dead.
  • Cooking Classes: Learn how to cook authentic Latin American and Spanish cuisine.
  • Creative Writing Contests: Share your creativity by writing in Spanish
  • Spanish Film Festivals: Watch movies from Latin America and Spain.
  • Phoenix Art Museum: Discover Spanish art from many cultures and periods of our world.