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Student Learning Expectations

Student Learning Expectations (SLE's)


All students of Immaculate Conception Catholic School should strive to L.E.A.D.


Learn the Catholic Faith

          • Live the Gospel message

          • Make morally responsible decisions

          • Develop a prayerful and personal relationship with God

          • Value the sanctity of life from conception to natural death

          • Actively participate in Liturgy and prayer services

Exhibit Respectful, Effective Communication

          • Share ideas clearly in oral, written and other visual formats

          • Resolve conflicts peacefully

          • Speak respectfully to and about others and never use foul or offensive language

          • Practice good manners

          • Be an active respectful listener to the ideas of others

Achieve Academic and Intellectual Excellence

          • Prepare for higher education and become lifelong learners

          • Think critically to recognize and solve problems

          • Display a continuing curiosity and enthusiasm for learning

          • Demonstrate mastery of Diocese of Phoenix Standards

          • Use technology effectively and responsibly

Demonstrate Morally Responsible Leadership

          • Respect and celebrate diversity

          • Reach out to those in need

          • Demonstrate stewardship for the earth and its resources

          • Be trustworthy and responsible